Sometimes it feels that just figuring out what exactly is considered a healthy diet is an overwhelming and daunting task.  After all there is so much information out there and much of it appears contradictory.  Are whole grains good or bad for you? How about meat?  How about dairy?  How about legumes? How about sugar even if it’s “natural”? Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Should you go vegetarian, vegan or Paleo?
As is so often the case these days, too many choices end up causing us to become paralyzed with indecision rather than inspiring us to action.  For some the very word diet  strikes fear and preemptive feeling of despair and failure.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated.   Believe it or not it can be easy.
The truth it that if you dig deep enough you’ll discover that whichever diet you’ll ultimately go with, the one thing  or rather two things that they’ll all agree on is that  a)the more unprocessed something is the better it is for you and that b)vegetables should play a prominent role in a health diet.  Everything else is commentary.   So if you only do those two basic things you’ll already be on your way to a healthier you.
Different diets agree with different people.   Whether is has to do with your geographic location or genes or your particular health issues makes no difference to our discussion here.  Some people feel their best  with a plant- based diet and some can’t imagine feeling good without meat or yogurt or eggs.  More often than not it will take some trial and error before you can figure out what will make you feel your personal best.
But by keeping things simple and with small, gradual and consistent steps towards your health goals you can make it happen.    So here are a four websites that take the mystery out of preparing delicious healthy meals and show you how to do it in a way that isn’t complicated or prohibitively expensive.  I deliberately kept it to just four in the spirit of minimalism and simplicity.  These are my favorite go to sources for easy, fast and healthy food making inspiration.  So here is to your health!  Enjoy!

Deliciously Ella
A wonderful site from a British blogger and healthy food enthusiast. This is the first health food blog that I discovered that made me say, yes, this is doable.  There are recipes on the site that use expensive and esoteric ingredients but there are many more  that use regular easy to find things and all are very quick and uncomplicated to prepare.  It’s all plant based, gluten free and dairy free fare but even if you eat meat or dairy you can easily just add them to your meal and still enjoy these.  Ella also has a few cookbooks out with more of the same type of recipes as her blog and many youtube video demonstrations.  It’s all good, but the older blog entries and videos are simpler and more down to earth.

Here is a site from a couple in Sweden full of easy to prepare, vegetarian recipes that are also creative and beautiful to look at and not just tasty.  They also have a couple of great cookbooks out.  Lots of inspiration here for fast and easy healthy eating!
Continuing with our international theme, here is a wonderful site from Australia.  Using minimal ingredients and easy to use techniques there is lots here to inspire and keep you well fed and healthy. There are options and variations offered for omnivores and beyond.

The Happy Pear

Healthy and fun eating with an Irish accent from identical twins David and Stephen Flynn.  Lots and lots of easy to prepare, quick vegetarian meals, with many healthified versions of old favorites and comfort foods.  They have a zillion videos on youtube showing you exactly how it’s done and their enthusiasm is infectious.

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