Sometimes you come across a book that really gets you inspired and makes you feel like jumping up and down with excitement every couple of pages. For me The Miraculous Abundance was this kind of a book.

It’s a highly readable memoir of two French farmers’ journey in developing their land along the permaculture model.

Even though it’s not a how to guide, there is plenty to sink one’s teeth into in learning from their experiences.  They also list the sources for their knowledge and inspiration from different parts of the world and many different cultures.  So, the interested parties can then go and conduct their own investigations and learn more following the bunny trails that the book offers.

It’s a really great and informative read for anyone interested in the subjects of sustainable agriculture, permaculture, homesteading or even just organic gardening.  This book is a treasure trove and offers something for everyone.  This definitely is one of my favorite recent reads and I highly recommend it.