I’ve been reading about the benefits of wheat grass for some time.  So when I saw something called Green Magma in the health food store I was curious.  It turned out to be barley grass juice in tablet form.   I went home and did a Google search on barley grass and discovered that in had an even better health benefit profile than wheat grass.    The idea is that young shoots of plants and particularly of barley grass are extremely nutritious just like other sprouts.

Green drinks and foods being all the rage right now,  I decided to try it out.  Almost immediately, all the promised effects of more energy, improved digestion and better sleep materialized.

I almost laughed when I came across a review of Green Magma that complained that in our days of superfoods and green drinks galore,  Green Magma did not keep up with the times.  It remains the plainest of vanillas.  Its ingredient list hasn’t changed since its debut in 1969.  In fact, there is nothing but organic barley juice in it the writer lamented.

I don’t know, I am kind of happy when the product contains exactly what it says it does with no additives.  I think you just have to think of it as a food concentrate instead of a supplement.  After all, we wouldn’t complain if a carrot was nothing but a carrot and all the better if it was organic to boot.

And if this product was still around since 1969 and many people still use it happily with great results, obviously it means that the product still delivers on its promises (and it does as I found out first hand).  So please count me in as a fan of Green Magma, the world’s first superdrink.