I was browsing through the French Women Don’t Get Fat cookbook the other day looking for some weight loss inspiration and ideas when I came  across a recipe that reminded me of another cookbook gathering dust on my bookshelf called the Oil Protein Diet Cookbook by Dr. Johanna Budwig.

Dr. Johanna Budwig was a German biochemist who did some pioneering work on how the body metabolizes fat and protein. She was famous for her oil protein diet, particularly the cottage cheese/quark and flax seed oil combination that er research showed can reverse chronic illness, including cancer.  She postulated that the human body needs the right type of fat/protein combination in order to function and thrive in an optimal way.   The wrong type of fat accomplishes exactly the opposite though, by clogging up the system and causing disease.

With her oil protein combination, Dr.  Budwig was successful in curing the patients that the medical establishment pronounced incurable.  The rest of the protocol included a simple wholesome diet consisting  of many vegetables raw and cooked and whole grains as well as rest and exposure to sunlight.  By using her protocol in its entirety, the body’s amazing natural ability to heal and regenerate was activated and patients recovered.

Like many other healing protocols, this one predicates itself on providing some essential components that the body needs to be brought back into balance and the ideal way things were meant to be. This ideal state is hard to achieve though because it is impeded by current food growing practices and other unfortunate negative effects of modern life today.To be effective the protocol needs to be adhered to as closely as possible to the way Dr. Budwig intended, otherwise results will vary.

Her cookbook is full of easy to prepare,  delicious sounding recipes.  Obviously, with her oil protein combination playing a prominent goal with many variations offered.  But mostly it is a simple and wholesome vegetarian diet with a decidedly European flavor with lots of healthy fats included in the form of flaxseed and coconut  oils.   She believed in keeping things healthful, varied and attractive to the patient and the recipes reflect that.

I decided to give it a try and see.  Almost immediately I noticed the difference in the way I felt, but especially in better skin and stronger nails.  So it’s definitely worth a second glance, particularly for those of us that believe strongly in the important role that diet plays in our health and that food should be used as medicine.